Researchers found that supplements of ginkgo biloba can not prevent memory loss. This new study lasted about three years and involved more than 100 people older than 85 years with no memory problems. During the research half of the participants took ginkgo biloba supplements three times a day and the other half took placebo. Results showed that 14 people who took placebo pills developed mild memory problems and 7 who took ginkgo extract developed the same problems. After the research it was found that people who took supplements regularly had 70% lower risk of developing memory problems that those who took placebo.

However, study also found that people who took ginkgo were more likely to suffer from stroke and results showed that 7 people who took ginkgo had strokes while none of hose who took placebo did. Researchers said that this findings need to be confirmed by larger studies who need to determine whether ginkgo biloba has any benefits in preventing memory loss and whether it’s safe.

More research need to be done in the near future because ginkgo biloba is already widely used and it’s relatively inexpensive.