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Mini strokes or White Matter Hypersensitivities were more common with older patients who had higher level of uric acid, brain scans showed.

Researchers believe that diet, exercise and drugs may reduce level of uric acid which causes WMHs who represent small dead areas of the brain that occur when brain cells don’t receive enough oxygen.These mini strokes are hard to detect one by one, but in time all together contribute to mental decline.

What is already known is that uric acid trigger gout which is a condition that causes pain and disability in feet and toes but it’s affect on the brain at the other side is still unknown.

Researchers say that elevated levels of uric acid are associated with obesity, heart disease and diabetes and that could lead to stroke. Also, the same researchers say that elevated amount of uric acid is linked to poor performance on memory tests.

The research has shown that uric acid level is linked to mild cognitive decline but to mini strokes as well. Researchers now need to find how these two are related


Hello there.  I agree. I also was reading that some researchers have found that high-normal uric acid levels may cause barely-detectable mini-strokes in adults. If I was reading good, it can happen to ladies mostly, because some of the symptoms are the classical symptom that indicates mini strokes symptoms in women . Why? Because of the diet, exercise that ladies usually do, and I really don't want to mention drugs like allopurinol that can cause a bigger risk, especially for those with additional risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. So yes, you totally have a point about this one. Very useful post.