Scientists found that if auditory cortex in brain is electrically stimulated it could reduce ringing in ears. This condition is called tinnitus and it can be caused by earwax, in some cases high blood pressure but general cause is still unknown. Statistics showed that almost one third of adults experience signs of tinnitus at least once in life and 5% of people seek medical help because of it. It was proved to have a severe impact on general quality of life.

Some treatments in the past included various herbs, distracting devices or psychological therapies but still there was no cure for this condition. Recent study however presented a stimulator device which is implanted in a pocket created in upper chest area by the surgeon. It generates electrical impulses who travel through a tunnel under the skin to an electrode patch that’s been surgically implanted in protective membrane of the brain surface. It has a handheld remote control device which allows doctors and patients to turn the device and adjust levels of stimulation.

Results showed that patients improved their condition after 12 weeks of treatment. Some of them experienced sustained reduction of tinnitus and some had short period of total suppression of tinnitus. One theory says that this is working because stimulation interferes with signals traveling between nerve cells in auditory cortex but it’s not yet proven. Hopefully, further testings will find more results and help patients who suffer from this condition.