Hi everyone. So I am 18 years old and I've had my menstrual cycle for about 4 to 5 years. I have ALWAYS since day one had severe cramping starting from my lower abdomen with pain extending to my feet and running up my lower back. My flow is also extremely heavy and lasts about 8-9 days. The thing is I still don't know when i am going to get it. It's so irregular that sometimes i get it 2 months next to eachother then i won't have it for the rest of the year, or i will have it every six months one year and every 3 the next. It's so sporadic and it alarms me. I just got it again today after about 5 months and this is the WORST i have ever had it. I can't really move, the flow is very heavy, I have some blood clots the size of a quarter(?) and i feel like something is torturing my uterus -______-  i feel as if i should be hospitalized. But i am the type to just tough it out until the pain stops. Ibuprofen doesn't work like it used to and tea doesn't do anything. Is this normal? I've heard cases where because of these symptoms, women find themselves to be infertile. Yes I am young but it would still kill my heart if that were the case for me. Can someone please shed some light on this situation?