Yesterday, I had very little bleeding. Then today, I am having heavy bleeding, I have to use pads and the flow is like I'm on my period. It's not like period blood though... it's thinner and redder. Is there a difference between period blood and whatever this is?
I'm not sure what it's coming from, there are two possibilities.
1. A piece of a broken condom stuck inside of me.
2. The Plan B pill causing irregular bleeding.

Also, yesterday when there was little to no blood, I had intercourse but it was hurting my pelvic area. Right now, there is verrrrry slight pain in that area too. I thought it might be my period because the woman at Planned Parenthood said that the Plan B pill resets your cycle. My period just ended exactly one week ago.

Why is there bleeding? Is it normal to be so heavy? If there's a condom stuck in me, how do I get it out? Will it come out by itself?