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okay so i am 15 years old and ive had my period for about a year and a half. at first it wasnt bad then it got really bad like my third time. lumps of blood started like coming out it was gross i never used tampons because my cramps hurt and my mom said to "just let it flow buy using a pad" i think pads are gross but i inisited on trying it. i either get my period really light for long amounts of times or really heavy for like 5 days. i get really bad headaches because i have a symptom thingy called TMJ and that has to do with my jaw but they get worse with my period.
i stay home from school because my periods are soo horible with cramps.
today i woke up from a 7am to 10am nap surrounded in blood. i slept with a super tampon and a pad. :$ >:(
it was discusting honestly i hate my life. i dont know what to do i told my mom and shes taking me to the doctor. i still have cramps, loss of blood, and headaches and i take pamprin and nothing helps.

oh i aalso fainted
can anyone help?!


Unfortunately, you brought back memories for me. The first few periods that I, and my friends had were HORRIBLE. They will probably stabilize for you, as they did with us. This sounds normal, even with the clots that you are seeing. However, there are things that are available to you that will cause your periods to be much calmer and tolerable. Your doctor can discuss those with you. I think that you are wise to see a doctor. In today's world, you do not have to suffer with these kinds of severe periods. Please let us know what you decide to do.