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Researchers have identified different brain organization between normal people and people who cheat or lie constantly. Liars have been found to have less gray matter and more white matter in their prefrontal cortex and certain abnormalities have been revealed in area that controls higher thinking.
Neuroscientists have studied three groups of people: a group of 12 men and women with a history of deceitful and manipulative behaviour, a control group of 21 "normal" people, and a third group of 16 people with anti-social personality disorder. All participants underwent structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans. This is the first study that finds structural brain abnormalities in pathological liars.

Gray matter consists of the cells that do the thinking while white matter consists of the cells that connect them. The study shows that cheating and lying come naturally to these people because their verbal skills. It is the white matter that allows people to deceive, and that pathological liars may not always be in complete control of their vices.

The researchers report that this is not the full story, and the team says it expects to find more physical differences.


And what is the solve with this persone??