Researchers found that kids with body abnormalities may have increased risk of cancer. Those abnormalities such as asymmetric lower limbs and curvature of the spine are considered to be risk factors of developing this serious disease. Study was performed in order to see how are body abnormalities related to cancer risk in children.

Researchers conducted a trial were they enrolled about 900 long-term survivors of cancer developed in childhood and about 200 kids newly diagnosed with cancer. They also examined control group which consisted of 1000 children. Results showed that kids with cancer had more body abnormalities than the others. Ono or more major abnormalities were found in individual patient in 27% compared to 15% in control group. More than three abnormalities were found in 1% in individual patients when compared to none in control group.

Results clearly indicate that body abnormalities are related to childhood cancer. Some of the abnormalities such as eyelid abnormalities and asymmetric lower limbs present predisposition of new tumor syndromes. Conclusion of the study is that genetic defects play important role in childhood cancer and detection of morphological abnormalities will allow identification of new tumor predispositions in the future.