Recent research found that dietary supplement made of blueberry, green tea, vitamin D3 and camosine extracts can protect people against stroke damage. This product is called Nutra Stem and it may play great role in protection of brain damage. Nutra Stem was designed in order to help in stimulation of stem cells which have ability to develop into most tissues and bone cells in people’s body and have ability to migrate toward problem of damaged areas.

During research on animal models experts gave one group the supplement for two weeks before undergoing surgical stroke and the other group didn’t receive this dietary supplement. Researchers tried to explore how increasing the nutritive diet might render a therapeutically potent neurogenesis following stroke.

Results of the study showed that the group who received this dietary supplement had significantly reduced neural damage in the brain and also reduced motor deficits. Experts also said that two weeks of Nutra Stem therapy lessened stroke – induced behavioral deficits, reduced stroke- induced infarcts and promoted the birth of new neurons.