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I've just started my third pack of Loestrin 24 fe and I'm a little nervous because I never got a second "period". The first month I had a very heavy period that lasted for over a week but the second month I had a very light brown discharge for about 1 day and that was all. Also the first month of bc use I took my pills around 6 hours late 3 times but had protected sex; and this past month i took them everyday about the same time while having unprotected sex. I recently had a misscarriage and I don't know if its paranoia but i physically feel as though I'm pregnant again. Should I be worried?

Thank you


You should have waited atleast 3 months until having unprotected sex. I am also on Loestrin 24 fe. I am also having the brown spotting during these first couple months as a sign that your body is getting used to the fact your on the pill. Im sorry for ur misscarriage but if you feel that you are pregnant see a doctor and talk to them about it. Reassuring yourself is always better then worrying. Good Luck hun!