Hey everyone
First i would like to give you a little history on me before I tell you my problem.
Last January(2008), I started birth control for the first time. I was on Ortho Tricyclen Lo. But after 6 months of use, I got breakthrough bleeding and was switched over to Loestrin 24 fe, by my new gyno.
I've been on this pill for about 5 months, and I have not gotten a period ONCE. I told my gyno after the first month and all he did was make me pee in a cup and tested it for pregnancy. And it was negative, and he continued giving me the same pill.
Still having no periods, I feel pressure/fullness in my pelvic area, pain during penetration (then it goes away after a minute) and only sometimes i bleed after sex, only a small amount though. And rarely, i will experience a sharp pain that lasts between 5 and 15 minutes.

I have no idea what is wrong with me!
Im thinking about talking with my gyno again and asking for an exam!