I recently went to the doctors and was given inflammatory pills due to stress and muscle spasms, but I have been taking the birth control pill (Lo Loestrin Fe) as well as the inflammatory pills, and ever since then I've started to bleed a tad bit heavily. I read that Lo Loestrin Fe doesn't tend to work when taking other pills, due to the inflammatory pill overpowering Lo Loestrin Fe, thus not getting enough estrogen and bleeding. I quit taking taking the inflammatory pills and the bleeding is getting lighter but today I had to take the white pill and I'm unsure as to whether that will make my menstrual cycle irregular now. I'm not even sure if my body is just adjusting to the pills now, or if it's because I've been taking the pills at different times. Has this happened to anyone else when taking other pills? (My significant other wore protection so I really don't believe I'm pregnant.)