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If you have been spending sleepless nights beside your newborn who kept crying and wouldn’t sleep, you should definitely try a new approach-massaging.

It has been found that massaging helps babies sleep better and sleep more and cry less. It also decreases stress levels and enhances the bonding with the parents. The study showed that babies under 6 months who had regular massage had reduced cortisol (stress hormone) levels comparing to the babies that received no massage. The reason why the studies included babies under six months is that because that's when parents and babies are forming their attachments and babies are forming their sleep patterns

In order to give massage to an infant, you need to undergo a special training with health professionals. Babies who received massages had multiple benefits.

It seems that massage releases the sleep hormone melatonin, aiding in babies' sleeping patterns. Also, the studies showed that babies that received tactile stimulation grew faster, were less ill and had less clinical visits.

The massaging also builds a stronger relationship between mothers who suffered from post natal depression and their children.

Although massaging may not be suitable for everyone, it will not hurt and it will certainly improve a few factors.


Massage for newborns and babies are very important in helping them grow healthy. It would also be nice if before doing the massage to give the baby a warm sponge bath to make them feel nice and comfortable all night long..