Although pregnant women don’t really enjoy so called morning sickness, scientists have revealed that it is of great importance for both mother and the baby. They found out that morning sickness represents the nature’s way of guarding mother and the baby from food-borne illnesses and saving baby’s organs from chemicals that could deform them.

Women who experience morning sickness feel repulsive toward sugar, sweeteners and caffeine. The food aversion exists toward meat and vegetables, eggs, poultry and fish, so morning sickness doesn’t only provide healthy nutrition (by not eating sweets) but it also protects from harmful microorganisms and parasites in meat and phytochemicals in vegetables. By vomiting women expel foods that are threatening and that way learn what foods to avoid during their pregnancies or at least until baby develops to the “safe” stage.

Data from the study showed that women who went through morning sickness episode had less chances of miscarrying.