Postpartum depression is known to be common among women who have just given birth. New studies show that they may not be alone in this thing and that fathers could suffer from signs of postpartum depression as well. The study that was conducted included 5000 US couples and the results were quite shocking and unexpected. Beside 14 percent of all mothers who suffered from low moods after giving births, 10% of fathers have been found to go through the same problem. Parental behaviour was also looked into and it was found that mothers who suffered from postpartum depression spent less time interacting with their children. Besides not playing and not singing or reading as much, depressed moms avoided breastfeeding and putting their babies to sleep on their backs, which are two important recommendations for the babies’ health. Breastfeeding is known to increase the mother’s and child’s connection and affection. The same story goes for fathers. Those who experienced post partum depression played less with their children and had a very negative influence on their spouse relationship with the child because in return they interacted less with the children as well. Researchers hope that these findings will raise awareness in both doctors and parents and help identify the problems when they occur for the sake of the children and their parents.