Scientists have not yet found what causes phobias but people who suffer from them have been found to have lower levels of Cortisol. Cortisol is a human hormone that body produces naturally when exposed to stress to fight the panic that occurs in such situations.
Swiss research team has developed a new remedy that contains the cortisol and which is still in the trial phase. It was shown previously that high levels of cortisol help forget painful memories and emotions and make us deal with stressful situations more effectively.

In order to check if artificial cortisol would help phobics overcome their fears, the Swiss team from Zurich conducted a study that involved people with social phobia and 20 with a fear of spiders. Half of the study participants received artificial cortisol and another half got placebo. In the end, those who received cortisol showed less fear during assignments that were given to them.
The next study will include more people and will be combined with behavioural techniques.