Consequences of putting on too much weight are numerous and include heart disease and diabetes and researchers have identifies another one-difficult time conceiving a baby.

Nearly 48,000 Danish couples have been tracked between 1996 and 2002. Among those, about 7,600 couples had both the man and woman either overweight or obese according to standards set by the World Health Organization.

The couples were measured how long it took them to conceive.
The study results showed that if both the man and woman were obese, their chances of having to wait longer than a year before the woman became pregnant were nearly three times higher than for couples of normal weight. If both the man and woman were overweight, their likelihood of waiting longer than a year before pregnancy was 1.4 times higher.

Although it has been already known that extra weight affected fertility in individuals, this study was designed to look at the effects of both partners being overweight and obese.

Study researchers advised obese or overweight couples to lose some weight especially if they had been trying to become pregnant for a while and hadn't succeeded. They think it might help.

The study did not focus on the facts like if obese couples had less sex and if sterility occurred more often in obese or overweight couples.