Although the link has been studied previously among women, a new study shows that the link is present in both genders. The study was done among the Americans and the prevalence of the link is higher among Caucasian Americans and more educated people who are obese.

Besides other things, the researchers concluded that obese people were 25% more likely to suffer from one of the mood or anxiety disorder, such as depression.

However, it was not shown if depression would lead to obesity or vise versa but the connection does exist. Revealing the link and understand the impact of these two disorders on one another is crucial because they are so common in the American society and have a big impact on the health care system.

Twenty percent of Americans are diagnosed with depression at least once in their lives and the study reveals that a depressed person has 28% of becoming obese. The study also shows the prevalence of depression in obese people among different social groups.

In groups where obesity is acceptable, like in less educated groups, depression was less likely to occur. On the other hand, in educated groups where obesity was not so common and where it is less accepted, a person is more likely to be depressed if obese or overweight.

The study is important as it may reveal the actual link between body weight and mental health, which would be beneficial in overcoming the problems and the problem reduction.