New study recently found that overweighted man who eat red meat can reduce dangerous tummy fat. During the research man were divided into two groups. One group received high protein diet with lots of red meat and fibre while the other group was on a diet rich with carbohydrate and fibre. Study included more than 100 overweight and obese men. Results of the study showed that both diets had same success in losses in men but diet rich with high proteins was found to be more effective at lowering abdominal fat levels.

Researchers agree that abdominal fat is one of the major risk factor for colorectal and other cancers in men. Results of the study clearly indicate that there was no difference in bowel, kidney and bone health no matter what kind of diet was involved. Still, nutritionists say that eating extra meat brings its own risk regardless to benefits that it may cause in reducing tummy fat in obese men.

Scientist concluded that people need to make a choice and decide if they prefer short term effects of abdominal fat or long term of increasing risk of developing cancer. It’s their decision is it worth the risk.