Danish researchers have conducted a large study on the risks of mental disorders. The study was carried on for 3 decades and it showed that one in one thousand woman is at increased risk of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, or bipolar disorder soon after their first delivery.

Men were also at risk of developing mental disorders after becoming fathers but the risk is slightly lower than in woman and is 0.37 in 1000.
Women who are childless were found rarely to suffer from any mental disorders.

The most critical time for a woman to develop a mental illness is within first three weeks after delivery. Once the child had reached the age of one, the mothers are considered safe. Hormonal changes are considered to be the culprit as well as loss of sleep and the sudden changes in their routines.

The statistics show that 15% of mothers get affected by depression or other mental disorders after delivery.
This is why a monitoring following a few of weeks after delivery should be introduced check for possible symptoms so that the women could get the necessary treatment.