Research team found that men who are obese have more blood in their bodies and that reduces the concentration of antigen which is a marker for prostate cancer. This may explain the fact why obese man tend to have more aggressive cancers. It’s because tumor is not recognized in it’s early stages.

PSA is a specific prostate antigen and isn’t reliable when it comes to diagnosing prostate cancer. One third of man with high PCA levels don’t have cancer and sometimes have to go through all of the invasive tests for nothing and the other man who’s PCA levels are not that high end up with prostate cancer which has not been treated in it’s early stages .

Results of the study show that most obese man had 21% lower concentration of PSA than normal weight men. It was determined that true levels of PSA were diluted by increased blood volume in obese man. Now researchers have to find how to recognize right amount of PCA level in obese man so the diagnose of the prostate cancer could be accurate.