I'm 19 and two weeks ago my boyfriend and I had a little accident. (Sparing details)but since I've been experiencing hot flashes, extreme hunger and then stomach aches upon eating, moodiness, nausea (mostly durring the drive to family over thanksgiving), and some light cramping. My stomach has been feeling weird too, like just bulky.

I'm on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and I have been since January. I try to take it at the same time every night but sometimes I can be an hour or so off. I'm on day four of my placebo pill and my period just started. but it seemed like a different consistency (you know what i mean), but it seemed like a reletively normal amount. So this means that the accident happened around day 10 of my pack. is it possible that i could still be pregnant and this just be withdrawl bleeding or something similar? or could I be just psyching myself out?

i'm really confused.