Hi everyone, I'm on tri cyclen and have never missed a pill- I always take it exactly at four and am on no other medications . Since I am so careful with my bc, my boyfriend and I recently decided it was safe to have him stay inside me instead of pulling out (no condom) . Well since then I've been over paranoid and think I need to go back to a second back up method. This month I was freaking out and thought I noticed pregnancy symptoms- largely very very vainly and enlarged breasts. I looked up symptoms and seem to notice somethings that im experiencing but it could just be my paranoia. However just as I freaked , my period came . It usually comes on the night of placebo 3 but this time came on placebo 4 when I woke up so a few hours late. It seems a bit lighter than usual but still a steady flow and not spotty or anything. I'm experiencing normal pms symptoms but I still can't get these veins out of my mind. Should I get a pregnancy test just incase? Or do u think perfect pill use and my period are sure signs I'm not pregnant even though I noticed these other things? Thank you very much for your reply, Ali