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Hey-- I've got a situation to explain, and I hoping somebody with experience or knowledge can help me out :-)

I've been on the Ortho-Evra patch for almost a year now. It's been great for me! Every other kind of birth control either made me crazy (seriously-- hormones were insane) or made me throw up.

anyway-- I started my patch cycle like normal. I had already had my period for the month, and put on my first patch like I was supposed to. Then the patch came off about 3 days later (I'm guessing it was then because I found the patch stuck to a pair of my panties that I'd worn that day). I didn't realize it for a while-- my husband and I had unprotected sex about 4ish days after the patch had come off-- when we were finished, I went to the bathroom and noticed I had started bleeding a bit. I then had another "period" that was much shorter and lighter-- probably because my system got confused about having the patch come off again.
As soon as that happened, I realized I didn't have my patch on, so I put another one on-- my second patch-- well, that one stayed on about 4 days too long-- and I forgot about the 3rd patch. When I remembered, I put the 3rd patch on, but it was only on about 2 days before it was time to take it off and have my "patch free" week.

I'm in the "patch free" week now. I took the patch off on Monday afternoon-- and it's now Wednesday morning. I'm basically waiting for my period anytime now...

is there a good chance that I'm pregnant?
It really wouldn't be a huge deal if I was-- it would just be a little earlier than my husband and I had planned, but I'd be excited!

tell me what you think. :-)


Oh yeah-- that one time was not the only time my husband and I had unprotected sex-- there were at LEAST 3 other times after that.