: I got the Depo Shot on Oct. of '06 for my first time. Before that I use to be on the Ortho Evra Patch, I just wanted to try the shot,thinking that It would be easier because I didnt have to worry abaute changing my Ortho Evra Patch each week &the shot was every 3months I only got one shot & never went back to get my 2nd one after the 3rd month was overbecause it made me soooooo hungry all the time no matter if I was full & just ate I gained 20 lbs!!!!!!! Its been almost 6 months now & I can not start any Birthcontrol method until I get my period yet I still havent gotten one! Has this ever happend to any one or something similar? Do you think Its an emergency prooblem?! Or could it be normal untill my body re-ajustes? :-( By the way I lost 45lbs after I had gained those 20lbs & I was off the Depo Shot ;-)