Dear Sir,Madame; I am 62 years of age and have developed osteoarthritis in both knees(left more advanced).I have spent 30 years instructing physical education , training for and playing a mryiad of sports such as rugby, squash, badminton,basketball and volleyball to name a few.It was not uncommon to be on the gym floor or courts in excess of 2or3 hours a day4 or 5 times a week. Training included running ,jumping stairclimbing squat training with weights plus other exercises and drills required to increase cardovascular fitness ,court agility and jumping ability.Throught out this period my weight was approximately 215 lb at 6feet tall with a 46 inch chest and 36inch waste.Iconcidered myself to be fit as I could easily run a mile and half in under 10 minutes.
Could my conditon have been caused by the high impact repetetive stress on the cartilage?

I would appreciate any feedback or advice you may have to offer
Thank you Ken Brandel