Hi, I'm 22 years old and I just started on the depo shot about a month and a half ago. I knew the risks of developing osteoporosis before I started, and I am making sure to keep my bones strong. I take calcium suppliments with added magnesium and vitimin D every single day and I do strength exercises and walk a lot on a regular basis, min 4 times a week.

I've read on forums that a lot of people have developed unwelcome symptoms on this drug. I have had no problems, and despite a lot of people's complaints about weight, I've actually managed to lose a few pounds so far. The only thing that I've noticed is that I haven't yet had a period, but that's not a bad thing for me as I've been diagnosed with menorrhagia. It's something I used to dread each month, so no preiods for me would be a plus. I was on the pill for a couple of months in order to treat it, but I ended up in hospital due to a suspected clot, and so now I am on the depo.

You can read more about menorrhagia ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed
Anyway, what I'm interested in is how many people have developed osteoporosis. I've read on a lot of forums that this is a big issue, but not one person has stated if they took preventative measures.

So... I was wondering
1) If anyone has been on the depo shot long term and have come out of it with healthy bones and
2) Osteoporosis or not, did you do all that you could to prevent developing it?

I just want to clear up a few things, as I think these details are pretty important.