As you may know, Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones become brittle and more porous.

I'm here on the behalf of Novartis and their new Osteoporosis Awareness campaign, On The Go Women.
On The Go Women aims to educate women about the disease and stresses the importance of managing the condition with treatment and a healthy lifestyle. There are many factors that determine whether a woman is at risk of Osteoporosis. We’ve developed a risk assessment tool for you to use and share here:

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At that link you’ll also find a Personalized Conversation Starter – to use when discussing Osteoporosis with a doctor.

These tools are invaluable health resources for any women – even if they aren’t at a high risk for Osteoporosis themselves, they can be shared with mothers, sisters and friends who are.
We’ve also collected some recipes for Osteoporosis-fighting foods that might be of interest as well!