Ok so I reAlly need help I've been on the depo shot for 6 months July 30 I was supposed to get the third shot but decided against it for numerous reasons my body let's me know when thr shot is ending bcuz i begin to spot. My period(spotting) came the 18 of July then stopped the 24th so my bf n I decided to have sex again(sorry for the details) so we did the 25 but my period came bak the 26th until the 4th of august I was worried for spotting so long. After my period my bf and I had sex the 6,7, and 8 unprotected and all three times he came I've Been feelin really tired lately My breast r swollen n yesterday I spotted this white egg like discharged I'm worried bcuz I was having left abdominal pains two days in a row I would like to kno is these r pregnancy symptoms if so I can see a doctor to take care of my self oh before I forget I took a preg test Sunday the 8 n it came back negative could it have been too soon?