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on 24th of may me with my gf were having foreplay , we both were nude , i inserted finger in her vegina but during this foreplay i was bit uncontrolled nd i touched my penis to my gf's vegina i was about to insert but sudenly i realised it was unsafe so i pulled back , i hardly touched her vegina for 2 sec , i dint ejaculated and even wiped of my precum , before touching her , but we both were stil scared so she took ipill after 24 hours . she was xpecting her period on 25th may the day after v had that foreplay ,25th may was hee date however she dint got her periods is it because of ipill ? please help? when will she get here periods?


Hi Rocker,

It's likely due to the Ipill. 

She didn't need it if this was the day before she expected her period though.  She'd be at her lowest fertility and the egg not viable.

Her next SEVERAL cycles can be early or late.  When she'll have them we can't know.  It depends upon a number of factors.

It is extremely unlikely she's pregnant.

Hope it helps.