I hve been on depo for 5 months but since my second shot I've been having cramps now going on 2months of cramps not too bad tho but about a week ago I started having light blood discharge n yesterday I was so sick an dizzy I was so weak I could barely walk or talk today I got to the restroom and wipe and see lots of blood not dark tho light put on a pad not much on it it's gettin lighter it's only been Bout 3hrs tho I feel so nauseated and my boobs(nipples) have been hurting. I didn't go thru none of this but boobs hurting n nausea the first 3months.. My bones will hurt can someone please help me what should I do? I've tooken pregnancy test but negative. I sometimes feel something move n I have those contractions cramps sharp n light I dnt know what to do.