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I just had my depo on the 29th of Jan of this year. I've been on depo going on 4 years in April. I haven't felt this bad before after getting a shot. I've been nauseous, tired more, headaches constantly, weird food cravings (such as Pickles and peanut butter), tingly and hard feeling in my lower abdomen, and anything that would come with a pregnancy. Also the past month and half my lower abdomen has been gettin little harder and my breast seem to be more sore in the mornings. Also all ive been really eating is pickles and peanut butter sandwiches and spegettios with cheese etc. I've took 2 home pregnancy test they both said negative weeks ago. I plan on going in and seeing a doctor if I cant find out on here on whats is going on in my body.  So if anyone could help me let me know soon. I would like to know about what im dealing with. Thanks


i was also on the depo for bout 4 years and they say its 99% safe and i found it really good, i dont think you could be pregnant if you had yr depo ontime maybe you should go see a doctor