Over 5.2 million UK inhabitants suffer from Asthma. It can simply happen to anyone just anywhere, anytime! But on a happier note, there is no need for asthma to stop a person living the enjoyable life.
Asthma is a controllable but not curable disease. The World Health Organization says 100-150 million people around the world are asthmatic and the number is growing 50% by each decade. It causes 180,000 deaths per year.
A definite cause for the lung abnormality at the root of asthma has so far eluded doctors. Professor Duncan Geddes of the National Ashtma Campaign says there are plenty of reasons why the prevalence of the disease is increasing. He said that women that are smoking during pregnancy are much more likely to have asthmatic children. Also the moderate living circumstances such as little ventilation, damp housing, more carpets and more dust could be the reasons for getting asthma.
However, some scientists have linked the increase in asthma with the increase in air pollution but this theory is hotly disputed. The most likely culprit are PM10s, microscopically small particles given off by diesel engines, coal burning, mining, construction and quarrying and can penetrate deep into lungs and can worsen existing heart or respiratory problems.
Professor Geddes says: "A cure is always just around the corner."
The National Asthma Campaign is one of many bodies sponsoring research into the causes of asthma, and scientists hope to produce a vaccine for the disease in the near future.