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I have now been tested for food allergies and have many! Peanuts, milk, soy, egg whites, and milk. I have been tested for environmental allergies and have allergies to an ingredient in wood glue, nickel and hair perms. I also have seasonal allergies as well as allergies to molds, dust mites and animals. I am taking allergy shots and they are working wonders for the seasonal stuff, but do nothing for the rash and swelling. My nurse ( I suggest finding a nurse if you are fed up with doctors. They tend to care more and spend more time and thought on your situation.) feels that something in my gut is causing the problem so we are focusing on digestion. I am also doing hypnosis to calm me down and find any further emotional causes to the problem. I am eating organic and avoiding the allergens. I am also on an H1 and H2 blockers ( allegra and zantac). After coming off of Prednisone, the rash is fluourishing on my neck and chest; but so far is only threatening to infest my face. I am also taking a nutrional product from Univera. If any of this leads to anything good I will let you all know. It seems to me that doing anything to support the immune system while trying to figure it out is common sense albeit difficult. I would love a drink.


Hello all,
I just read the nine pages of posts on Part One of this board . . . I feel a connection with all of you. I am 40 years old and I live in Los Angeles. I have always been healthy.

In March 2008, I first noticed dry, red, itchy patches on my eye lids. Then I noticed that my lips were very tingly and itchy.

By the end of March 2008, I would wake up in the morning to find that my eye lids and my lips were swollen. It was so bad that I called in "sick" to work because I looked like a mutant. My husband did not want me to go out because he was afraid people would think he hit me in the eyes.

I went to an allergist, and all the allergy tests were negative. She told me that I had "angioedema" and she prescribed Medrol (similar to Prednisone), Singular, Zantac, and Xyzal. The Medrol took the swelling away, but when my dose decreased, the swellings came back. She then gave me an injection of Medrol . . . . it caused a fever, but took away the swellings on my eyes and lips. However, a few weeks later all the symptoms came back.

Seven months later, and I am still trying to figure out what causes these flare ups. I have had a lot of blood work. I tested negative for lupus (an autoimmune disorder that sometimes causes swelling and rashes on the face).

I notice that when I use certain creams on my face, I feel burning. I currently use only Cetaphil and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I use Vaseline on my lips.

I wake up at least 4-5 times per night to look in the mirror to see if my eyes are puffing up. It's horrible to live this way! My doctor, my allergist, and my dermatologist have no idea what causes these swellings and red, itchy patches on my face, especially under my eyes.

At least I know I am not alone! I wish there was an answer.


I am another sufferer of this condition. So glad to find this site. Here is my story. I too, anxiously await news of successes from others. Thank you everyone.

I am 54 year old female. Just got very itchy upper eyelid about 6 weeks ago. Now I have very red eyelids that are constantly itchy. Nothing seems to help.I do not wear any eye makeup or nail polish and don't know of any allergies other than I seem to have developed asthma like symptoms over the last few years. Occasional use of a puffer usually works there. Now back to the itchy red eyelids... I have made a list of tips to try after reading all your helpful info. Have I missed anything? I don't like the sound of the cortisone or Pred....

1.The first I will try is to drink a lot more water , and even add 1 T. applecider to 8 oz water, once a day.

2. I will also eliminate all tea and coffee.

3.The pharmacist gave me an antihistamine pill today which I am hoping will work. Took first one 4 hours ago.

4. Take Vitamin B and biotin.

5. Make sure I do not use fluoride toothpaste.

6. Talk to a naturopath about a liver and gall bladder cleanse.

7. Minimize carbs and sugars in diet. Add carrots and beet leaves.

8. Try baby oil with a bit of salt, topically.

9. Try acupuncture to face area.

10. Check into sunflower oil allergy.

11. Check into 3 day apple fast at www.knowthecause

12. domeboro soak

13. apply protopic ointment

14. eucerin creme

15. aquafor and singulair

16. PepcidAC

17. As always, increase exercise.

18. Oatmeal soak

19. Relax.

Good luck to us all. So happy for those of you who found solutions.

Redeye in western Canada. javascript:emoticon('')


Well , here I am a day later and I am happy to report improvement after the first antihistamine pill yesterday. This morning was the first morn I woke up with no itch and a much reduced redness. Had a glass of water with applecider first thing, and plan on 8 glasses of water today. No tea or coffee. So far so good. I feel excited that it may be clearing up. AND to top it off I think my asthma is better today also. I am beginning to loose my faith in doctors and increase my respect for the pharmacist who seemed to know right away . Wow , if this clears up my asthma also, I will be a happy woman. I have had it for at least 5 years. Never thought to take an antihistamine. I'll keep you all posted.


Call your province's telehealth hotline (nurse 24 hours/day). My eyes are so itchy right now, with puffy and dry lids and the person on the phone was asking about breathing problems that I don't have. You should maybe call though.


Let me start by saying I feel for every one that has this problem. I have had itchy,swollen eye lids 4 times in the last year! I tried everything even going to Drs..Now it has moved to the rest of my face! I have come to the conclusion that it is stress! The first time I got it my father was dying,The other times I was going through my divorce! I just wanted to tell you what worked for me was Clinique`s clarifying lotion 2,it was the only thing that worked! Good luck and don`t give up!


hi all. its such a relief to know im not the only one that seems to suffer from this.
Im 23 and live in the UK. Ive never had major skin problems but evry now again (like once or twice a year, or maybe a couple of years apart) i seem to break out in this awful rash. In the past it has occured overnight and ive woken to find my eyes swollen and red or i can get a small patch somewhere like on my sheek or above my eye lid and then it proceeds from there.
My most recent 'attack' happened lastnight. i could my eye tingling and it looked a little swollen. as the night went on i kept checking in the mirror and it had started to infect my other eye too. i woke thismorning to find my face swollen, especially around my eye. i looks like iv been hit!
as the day has gone on, the swelling has subsided slightly but now my entire face is tingling. i cross between burning and itching. i have no problems with my lips unlike a few of you. mine is mainly around my eye and on my cheeks.
i havnt made it to the doctors as my doctors dont open on wednesdays! typical.

however after some research i thought i would share this incase you think it may sound like you would want to give it a go.
Ive researced PARABENS. these are used in almost every cosmetic ie. make-up, moisturiser, shampoos etc.
i really think that my outbreaks could be due to this. i havn't changed my costmetics but i have noticed if i pile on more than i usually would the next day i seem to have either a small harfly noticable reaction or sometimes like today a rather unmissable reaction!
Iv alsoreceently experienced loss of my eyelashes on my right eye only. very strange... any ideas??


Hi all..
I ve got the same problem... don't know if its related, but before the breakout in rashes on my face/neck/upper chest, I had twitches in my right eyelid. I did a parasite cleansing (paragone) and did not help the rashes at all. I went to my doctor and he just prescribed me cortisone creme but did not really do anything.

After 2 weeks I realized whenever I walked away from my office, my redness and puffyness in my eyes would go away a bit... not totally, but I would say about 70% away.. you can tell its still there, but everyone would know there is a huge difference.. so I think I am allergic to the dust/maybe mold in the office. We have a really bad dust problem but at this point I am not certain if dust is a trigger or actually the main cause. However, I would suggest one should look into those environment triggers as well. If anyone has any other tips/suggestions/stories, pls post it and hopefully we can together find a solution.


My ex-wife has been dealing with swollen and red, itchy, painful skin around her eyes since Sept. of this year. I have read every post to try to see what she can do. It seems that most of you have similar symptoms, but not much in the form of treatment.

Has anyone found any info on adult dermatomyositis and polymyositis? A physician friend of mine has told me to check them out.


Hey Everyone!

I posted a few replies in the original thread of this topic. It was my regular doctor who suggested the Pepcid AC and all. I may have already posted this, but I know for a fact that two of my triggers were my hairspray and Oxy 10. I used a generic hairspray that I had bought from Sally's Beauty Supply. The hairspray company changed some ingredients and actually had acetone listed as one of the ingredients added. I know the other trigger was Oxy 10 (benz. perox.) since my face would swell up after I used it. I did an experiement where I purposely put some Oxy 10 on only one side of my face. Sure enough, my eye on that side and that side of my face were all red and puffy the next morning. Just as added measures, I now use milder face soaps and the Physician's makeup that is supposed to be better for sensitive skin. I hope you all have success in getting this problem under control.


I am experiencing my second go-round with red, itchy facial skin but the first that includes my eyelids and eye area.

I went to a dermatologist the first time and she even took a biopsy -- with no diagnosis -- she prescribed a insurance covered the generic brand, Fluticasone Propianate 0.05%. That was about two years ago. I had a couple flare-ups again and the cream worked everytime.

However, for the past 3-4 months, I have a large red itchy patch on my left cheek, several small red itchy patches on my right, itchy rash above my lip and a little below the lips plus both eyes VERY red and itchy. The cream did not do a thing. I tried Bio-oil, Vit. E (28,000 I.U.), several eye creams, even Hemorrhoid Cream! I am 64 years old and have never even had acne and my skin has always made me look much younger...not so now with this redness and dryness! I live in AZ and I have noticed that the sun does make it worse even a glimpse through the car window. I've had a little cold the last couple days and got out the Vicks Vaporub....instead of just using around my nose, I covered my whole face....several times a day.....while the eyelids still itch, the redness is dissapating. They dryness is only helped while the Vicks is on.

During this time I have also had a rash on both arms but I don't think it's related.....I think that part is more effected by hot flashes at night and is more akin to a heat rash (looks just like heat rash on a baby).

I plan to do a "peel" with Pepto Bismol (I read that it's good for a facial de-tox) and then just use one product for a week. From what I've read on the past postings to this and the original blog, we have all tried too many products and maybe haven't given any one of them a chance to work. I was very interested in the possibility of wine and artificial nails being a cause.....but I've drank the same wine for years and I've worn artificial nails (I do them myself) for over 15 years.

I would be interested to see if there are others my age who have SUDDENLY developed these symptoms. Good luck to everyone.


I truly sympathize with everyone who suffers from this mysterious eye issue. After surfing around for natural remedies for the redness, itching and swelling, I cam across something that actually works and it makes you feel better, while healing the skin at the same time. I got this from

Step 1: Place 1/4 cup of all natural unflavored yogurt in a blender. Yogurt contains natural antifungal and antibacterial agents, which help to clean the skin gently, ridding it of harmful bacteria and germs. Yogurt is also high in lactic acid, which is known to soothe and soften dry painful skin, and can help eliminate wrinkles and refine pores.

Step 2: Cut a banana in half, remove the peel and add it to the blender. Skin has a natural layer of fat that shields it from the elements and holds in moisture. Constant exposure to make-up, sun, wind, air conditioning and heating can damage its protective layer. Banana is a natural gentle moisturizer that helps to rebuild and protect the protective layer while repairing damaged skin.

Step 3: Add 3 tbsp. of oatmeal to the blender. Adding oatmeal will create a natural exfoliant and can help soothe dry, itchy skin. Perfect for those who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or if you happen to have the chicken pox, oatmeal is hypoallergenic with high levels of healing amino acid. Oatmeal will remove dead skin cells and dirt, helping with acne as well.

Step 4: Pour in 2 tbsp. of almond oil. Almond oil is the ideal skin care oil, as it absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy build up. Almond oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and soothes painful cracking and burns on the skin.

Step 5: Blend the ingredients well and gently massage into your face and neck. For added benefit, allow the gentle facial cleanser to set for 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water and patting dry.

I found that my skin was so sensitive that the longest I could keep it on was for about 2 mins the first time and 5 mins the second time. I'm working up to 10 mins. After I did Steps 1-5, I then put aloe vera gel VERY GENTLY on my entire face, with a special concentration on my eyes. Then I applied olive oil on my eyelids and then just left my face alone. It brought the swelling down and made it much more comfortable in dealing with the discomfort.

To add a little bit more insurance, I also took 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Then I diluted 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper.

I sincerely hope that this helps everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I made an appointment with my dermatologist in mid-January (he's a busy bee) so that he might be able to tell me something new. Every other doctor I've been to has no clue (optometrist, family doctor and opthamologist). If the dermatologist says anything useful, I'll be sure to share it with you all. Cross your fingers!!!!


I posted about a week ago. Since then, I got some Emu Gold Oil at a health food was said to help with rashes. I did the Baby oil with salt scrub and put the Emu oil on....the first and second day it seemed to work wonders but then I went out Christmas Eve with make up, drank wine etc.

The last 2 days it is worse than ever! I think there must be a connection to wine.....I'm giving up the wine for awhile and cutting back to only my vitamin, calcium, glucosamine as far as supplements.

I had impetigo as a baby....have any of you had that? Maybe there's a connection.

I will probably give up and go to the Dr. soon 4 or 5 months of this is just too much but I dread NOT getting the answer.....Went through it two years ago....For awhile, the raxh totally disappeared and then came back worse than ever...

Please keep sharing. At this point the Vicks Vaporub still "feels" the best.


I've been doing exhaustive research on what this could be and the closest I've come to my symptoms and how I feel is called Fifth Disease.

Look it up, it may help some of you. It doesn't offer much advice for how to treat other than fluids, rest and pain relievers.....I found that Benedryl and Zyrtec work for stop itching....

If some of you who posted earlier have found relief....please share.