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Had unprotected sex twice in one week, took plan b both times after, so also took plan b twice in one week. Yes I know bad choices please no judging. I got my period 23rd of Feb. 2 days after taking my second dose of plan b, it was very heavy, so I assume I'm in the clear and I don't have to worry about pregnancy? Definitely making wiser choices in the future, just please, looking for reassurance, and wondering when can I expect my next period to come? Just feeling extra anxious in making sure I'm not pregnant.


Hi Guest,

It is unlikely you're pregnant.

When you can expect your next period is anyone's guess.  Common side effects include your period being early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.

You should not use an emergency contraceptive more than once per cycle due to the large amount of hormones.  You can expect the side effects to be more severe than usual.  

You can test as early as two weeks afer having sex.

Good luck.