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I had protected and unprotected sex this past week, took plan b twice. Yes I know it isn't a substitute for bc, I am seeing my doctor this week to get on it. Please no judging or rude comments. So today I am having some bleeding, does that mean that plan b did its job and I can stop pulling my hair out over the possibility that I might be pregnant?


Hi Guest,

There is NO way to know if Plan B "did its job."  There are no guarantees you'd get pregnant.  You can "assume" it worked if you don't get pregnant.

No form of birth control is 100% effective.  At best, an emergency contraceptive is about 85% effective, less than that of a properly used condom or daily birth control pill.

Spotting and bleeding are common side effects.  

It is unlikely but not impossible that you are pregnant.

FYI, you shouldn't use an emergency contraceptive more than once per cycle.

Good luck.