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Hello everyone,

I am 19 years old and am in a monogamous relationship. I took Plan B twice in January- those are the only times I've ever taken it. Both times the condom either broke or slipped off. The first time I took it, I recieved my period a week later (Jan. 21). However, on that same week (on the third day of my period, the 24th) I had sex again but the condom slipped off. We put on a new condom and decided to finish. He came in that condom but to be safe because of the slip before (possible pre-*** from the slip and ejaculation could have slipped out from the top of the second condom), I took Plan B 36 hours later (Jan. 25). A week later (Jan. 29) I recieved some REALLY, REALLY heavy bleeding for a few days. I don't think this was my period because I had it a week before.

Does the bleeding mean Plan B worked? When should I expect my next period then if I took two cases of Plan B within such a short time? My period is already pretty irregular... I understand it will have messed up my cycle and usual PMS symptoms severly from the overdose of hormones but what steps should I take from there? What should I expect in the next month? Is there a significant chance of pregnancy?

As of right now, I'm just waiting for my period to come along... I'm very stressed/worry/paranoid about all this though, so that's defintely not helping. This mentality issue is goin to get to me and is making me see signs everywhere. Believe me, after this... I'm going on a more reliable form of birth control.

Thank you everyone ahead for their responses!


Lol, this is what I kept saying ......but you really should get something to protect yourself since the condom has been slipping way too much.

As for your questions, I reckon that you are safe from pregnancy but you can never tell now when your period is going to arrive. You never know with such hormonal surge as two packs of PLAN B.

The only thing you can do is to wait for your period and it could be early and it could be late - hormones are wicked.

I would say that plan B kept you from getting pregnant but might mess up your cycle for the next couple of months.