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Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone could help me answer my question. I had sex 2 days ago, and although he was protected I know accidents can happen, so I wanted to take the Plan B pill today just in case. I have a question though: let's say I decide to take the pill today and then have sex again later on or the next day. Can I be able to take another pill? Or will it not work? Can it also be dangerous? Also, if I decide to have sex today, can I take the pill after that to cover for both sessions (from 2 days ago and today)? Please help and thanks !  


Hi Tashxo,

Emergency contraceptives, such as Plan B, are intended for emergencies, not for "just in case."  If you used protection it is not necessary.

You should NOT take more than one emergency contraceptive a cycle.  They contain VERY large doses of hormones.  

Remember, you can expect side effects - an early or late period AND a heavier or lighter than normal period.  Your cycle can be different for several months.

ECP's are most effective within 72 hours.  If you wait the effectiveness is reduced but yes, it can cover both sessions.  Again, it may not be as effective as taken immediately.

If you are going to be sexually active daily birth control pills are MUCH more effective and safer in the long term.

Hope it helps.