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This movie is a very powerful drama about two Port Authority Police Officers, who were trapped in the tower rubble after the buildings collapsed.

The true story of Officers Will Jimeno and John McLoughlin, who rushed into the towers and became victims in the rubble. The race against time to be found before their air and/or the buildings finished collapsing on them before they would die from their injuries. The scenes shifted between what was happening with them and their families who did not know whether they were alive until the next day when a Marine and a Ranger heard their cries for help in the rubble.

Even with the drama there was some comical moments between the two officers while they tried to keep each other awake and alive during the ordeal, even when they were coming pretty close to death and seeing their family members as well as Jesus (in Jimeno's case) in their visions.

The World Trade Center events did not overpower the movies as it was more focused on the two officers and their fight for survival.

It's a very good and powerful movie. I recommend seeing it if you have the opportunity or looking for a really good movie to go to.


I'm so glad it is more a story from someone's actual experience rather than 'speculation' and that it doesn't focus completely on the horror of it all.....I already lived that once, need for a repeat on that end.

I'll still wait for it to come out on I can cry in the comfort of my own home :cry: