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A true story of 5 missionaries in Ecuador who attempt to make contact with one of the most viscious and ruthless tribe of people on the planet.

The missionaries are devoted men of God, with their hearts set on reaching a people group, and not only saving their souls but saving their tribe. The tribe is so brutal that minor offenses often led to death. The tribe was so savage they were nearing extinction.

The men are able to make contact by some very creative means and begin to develop relationships with the tribe. The leaders of the tribe brutally and violently stab all five men to death leaving all the men's wives and children alone.

That is only the begining of the story. The whole idea is what happens next, for lack of spoiler I will not reveal what happens, but redemption, courage, mercy, forgiveness and grace are powerful themes throughout the last half of the movie.

The movie, though a substainial Evangelical Christian theme, is not preachy and really tells the story quite accurately.

For the record, my wife has personally met one of the widows and the lady is a true woman of God. I have read her account of the story which is right in line with the writer/main character's story (he is the son of one of the murdered missionaries, so it is told from his and his father's side). So I knew the story but the presentation here is fantastic.

The men's lives are focused on little, but their message, mission and conviction are clear.
The soundtrack is incredible and there is little hollywood to the story. This is more of a dramatic documentary. Though the story seemed rushed to get to the last half, I was satisfied with the way it was made.

No big stars, no special affects, low budget (10 million) but the film is powerful, moving and really shows the true devotion of missionaries.

Even though I am a strong Conservative Evangelical Baptist, I feel that this is even a movie that could be shown on regular television without really getting anyone that upset on religous grounds.

A+++ rating for the movie.


Was this the group that Jim Elliott was in? That's a pretty amazing story.


that is the one.
Nate Saint was the son of one of the killed missionaries. It is told from his perspective.


About four months ago my pastor told us this story in his sermon and it was SO powerful! I'm thrilled that they've made a movie about it and i'm looking forward to seeing it (thanks for not spoiling it!)