Innovative research that tracked people over a 20-year period showed that being happy affected even those people you didn't know.

"Happy people can make you happy" is a conclusion of a new study that suggests you and people you've never met can have an impact on each other's feelings.

It is already known that a person's attitudes can affect attitudes of other people. When waiters and waitresses smile, they get better tips.
What the researchers wandered was if a person-to-person effect could spread to the whole social network. So, they set up a study to answer that question by examining the potential contagiousness of things like loneliness and smoking.

The researchers focused on 4,739 children of the original participants and tracked their friendship ties with other people for 20 years, from 1983 to 2003. The scientists found that a person's happiness was most likely to boost the happiness levels in people closest to them -- spouses, relatives, neighbors, and friends.

However, if one person is happy, it increases the chances of happiness in a friend living within a mile by 25 %. The "cascade" effect, as the researchers put it, continues: a friend of the friend has almost a 10 % higher likelihood of being happy, and a friend of that friend has a 5.6% increased chance.

The bottom line is that one person's happiness can spread outward through three degrees of separation while those at the center of such circles may be people that "you have never met. However, their mood can have a profound effect on your own mood.

The findings have totally changed the perception of the researchers and they are hoping to have the same effects on other people too.
"To think about the way we're connected to one another has caused me to take more responsibility for my own actions," said one of the researchers.

Just to think that making your wife happy would make her mother happy, could you’re your day.

The study findings are impressive, as they teach us of the importance of the company we keep. People who are surrounded by many happy people are more likely to be happy in the future than those who are surrounded by unhappy people.