Low – fat diet has been found to be very helpful in lowering levels of triglyceride which is one of the characteristics of metabolic syndrome. This new study claims that a diet low with carbohydrates is more effective than low fat diet in reducing saturated fats in the blood and also in reducing markers of inflammation . It was found that reducing these inflammation markers is main factor in treating metabolic syndrome related diseases.

This findings are important because researchers say that it could keep blood glucose and insulin levels under control. Research showed that lowering saturated fat levels had small effect on circulating inflammatory markers but reduction of carbohydrate led to considerably greater reductions in pro – inflammatory cytokines, chemokines etc. This clearly indicates that low - carb diet is more effective than low - fat diet and represents important nutritional factor in contribution of inflammatory process.

One other important aspect of this study is that despite the three-fold greater saturated fat in the low carbohydrate diet saturated fat in the blood turned out to be higher in the low fat diet because of the process called carbohydrate – induced lipogenesis.