Researchers have investigated over 2500 people older than 65 to determine how their mood and emotions affected their blood pressure. It was found that a positive outlook on the world around may lower blood pressure in older people.

A questionnaire conducted by the researchers revealed that the more positive emotions people had, the lower their blood pressure was. This was more easily noticed among those elderly who haven’t been taking any anti hypertension medications but the positive emotions effects could be seen on those undergoing treatment as well.

The study was another proof how our thoughts and mood could affect our physical processes. Happy thoughts and emotions could help people handle stress by keeping their chemical and neural responses in balance.
The most important thing regarding the link between emotions and blood pressure is that our moods could be controlled to some effect and that we may have power over it.

Scientists are hoping that this finding will be used as an effective way of controlling ones blood pressure and be part of regular treatment.