A new study finds that by eating your food you relieve what you feel like. A person's choice of food is dictated by their state of mind and diners apparently seek out particular dishes to regulate how they feel.

So, if you see a person is eating crisps you may guess they are stressed but if they are eating cakes then they may be sexually frustrated. Angry people eat stakes, jealous stack their plates and those going through crises enjoy custard and ice cream because they are seeking comfort with foods they once found in childhood.

The study was conducted among 500 people who kept diaries about their choices of meals and their eating habits.
Other experts argue that the strongest links with eating come with sweet and tasty foods and is particularly true in women who seek solace in chocolate and cake when depressed. On the other hand, men are more likely to turn to alcohol.

The conclusion is simple. If you don’t want to betray your mood, be careful what you eat.