New study found that cells responsible for stimulation of cancer growth are derived from bone marrow. During the transplant of bone marrow researchers observed cells and found that they may assist tumor growth. Earlier, it was thought that cells resided in tissue near the cancer and that they were corrupted by advanced cancer. But, what researchers found during this new study is fact that cell migrated from bone marrow and contributed the cancer growth, and helped to spread it to the other organs.

Study observed female patients who had bone marrow transplant and than developed secondary cancers. It was reported that only those women who received bone marrow from a male were included because researchers could track transplanted cells which had the Y- chromosome that’s unique to males. They tracked the cells as they moved from bone marrow into malignant tissue and that’s how they were able to make the connection between bone marrow cells and the cancer growth.

It is obvious that more research needs to be done, but it is sure that this study opens possibility that this mechanism could be controlled and regulated in order to prevent secondary cancers.