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Hi Everyone

So my friend shows very little emotion, some might call her laid back. She avoids confrontation, never shows or discusses emotion in terms of happiness and sadness, she sees everyone as being on a even playing field no matter if someone is clearly in the right or wrong (for example she justifies everythign...if a random someone were to punch her best friend she would side with both of them tending to choose the random persons side over the friend), she is only motivated to study, clean or work after marijuana use, which she abuses on a regular basis. She is impossible to read, you never know how she is feeling, thinking, if she is mad at you, annoyed or happy. She has claimed to have romantic relationships but in the time I have known her, past two years, she has shown NO interest in anyone or having a relationship. When she does have a sexual interaction she does not tell anyone and I only find out when it the occurrence "slips out" during a story months later. Her brother is a heroin addict and she shows no concern, remorse, or care over the situation.

I have never seen her hurt or show the desire to hurt anyone or any animal.

I know that there is something bigger going on with her. I don't know if it is a personality disorder or if she just has sociopathic tendencies.

Has anyone ever encountered something like this? She is the only person I have ever met who acts this way and I am concerned for her mental health. I think life would be much more enjoyable if she be diagnosed and medicated.

Thanks for your help


Have you talked with your friend about this situation? You do realize that no one can be diagnosed, medicated or anything if the person itself doesn't experience her life as something unbearable or sees a need to change anything. People are different and some of us are more introvert and maybe your friend just doesn't trust people to share her worries or emotions. That doesn't mean that your friend has sociphatic tendencies or any kind of disorder - just because someone is different than others does not men that she should be put on medications. How old is she?