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Gag and Vomit immediately after eating avocado. How do i stop?

Answered by a doctor

Hello there! I've been dealing with either an allergy or intolerance with avocado ever since I can remember. Always, within a minute or two after taking a bite of avocado or guacamole I start gagging and vomit. I react the same way with cantelope too. Might there be anything that can be mixed in...

by User avatar Dracon

Vinegar Allergy!

Answered by a doctor

Anyone, get this same thing happen to them after consuming evn small amounts of vinegar..? So I am an avid eater of vinergar and cucumbers or vinegar and lettuce, shortly afterward I get a stuffy nose and congested head. I associated this together a few months ago but was in denial of me having an...

by User avatar Joshua57262937

allergy to vitamin c

Answered by a doctor

Has it ever been reported that one can have allergy to vitamin c? I increased daily intake of vitamin c because was on diet that consists of fruits. Skin rash appeared on the 5th day of the diet. I used to eat one fresh pineapple every day because of bromeline, 3 kiwis and apples as much as I want....

by User avatar Guest

Adverse reaction to seafood and alcohol

Answered by a doctor

JUST found the below info on another page, thought it might help.... The problem you are suffering from when combining certain seafoods and acohol is a toxic histamine reaction. Some people that have a shortage of, or an insufficient activity of the enzymes needed to deal with histamine in their...

by User avatar Guest

Diagnosed with a potato allergy

Answered by a doctor

I have recently been diagnosed with a potato allergy, and am now faced with the reality that I am going to have to be very careful with what I eat.  For anyone with potato allergy, which foods do I now need to stay away from???  I also react when I touch potatoes....anything else environmentally...

by User avatar babybouncer

I'm allergic to poultry!!!

Answered by a doctor

So, I'm allergic to chicken and turkey. Haven't had duck but I'm probably allergic to that too. I haven't always been. Started when I was about 13-14. Whenever I eat chicken, usually about a 1inch cube is the size where I feel the affects, after about 5min I start to feel a stinging/tingle on my...

by User avatar smbrownx32689

Anyone heard of chicken allergy?

My girlfriend is not eating chicken at all! Anyone heard of chicken allergy? Its not that I do not believe her, but I simply did not hear for this allergy. That would explain her not eating when we go to parties and similar events. Anyway, how serious is this illness? Is there a cure? Can I help...

by User avatar Guest

common symptoms of cilantro allergy?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. My brother was discovered cilantro allergy. I must admit that this sounds very unusual for me. I would like to know what common symptoms of this kind of allergy are. Can anyone tell me this? I will really appreciate if someone can answer me. Thanks in advance. Bye, folks!

by User avatar ginger136197040

Food Intolerance to Seafoods & Poultry

Im allergic of seafoods and poultry. If I take some of it even a bite size, just a day or two Im gonna be having eczema already. People who hasn't experienced it, thinks I'm just being picky. So I've been explaining every time and yet I can still see with their looks on me like " ??? Your just being...

by User avatar Michelle

almond allergy symtoms

Answered by a doctor

Has anyone experienced other unusual reactions that they can associate to recent ingestion of almonds? As in light headed or mild dizziness.

by User avatar Guest