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Could hydrochlorothiazide be causing my facial skin rash, it

Answered by a doctor

I have a Sulfa allergy. I was prescribed Hydrochlorothiziade for a high blood pressure situation....I was fine for 4 years, but recently have been experiencing severe itching, redness and peeling on my face, underarm and backside. Could the drug be causing this problem? I stopped taking the...

by User avatar Guest

Both sides of neck swelling above collarbone

Answered by a doctor

Hi everybody. I have this awful swelling on both sides of the neck, just above the collarbone, and I can’t determine what is causing it. Generally, I’m in good health, and this really surprised me. I have no other symptoms like pain, itching, fever… nothing, just this annoying swelling. Does...

by User avatar Guest

infected lymph nodes in the stomach.

Answered by a doctor

Good day!! I recently took my 5years old daugther for stomach and headache and vomiting. He gave her a antibiotic and some pain reliever. Along with a refferal to get an ultrasound done on her stomach which I got done. In the ultrasound it revealed she has infected lymph nodes. Can some1 explain...

by User avatar danielle

Virus won't go away after a month

Answered by a doctor

I've been sick for over a month with what my doctor says is a virus that is going around at the moment. It's frustrating because just when I think it's gone away and I start to feel normal for a few days, it comes back and I start feeling sick all over again. At first, I thought it was the flu...

by User avatar lefay4614

Enlarged occipital lymph node and headaches x6 months.

Answered by a doctor

I'm 36 year old female, have had headaches x6 months along with an enlarged lymph node at base of skull just above hairline (occipital I think it's called). MRI was normal, ultrasound revealed enlarged lymph node, neurologist wanted to treat as headaches and sent me to ENT to evaluate enlarged lymph...

by User avatar Itwasntme78321337

Swelling above right clavicle

Hi all, thanks for reading.I am a 24 yo M.  I weigh 165lbs and I am 5'10" and am very active (exercise 5 times a week).  1 year ago I started to get swelling above my right clavicle that was noticeable through my shirt.  It is firm and rubber and does not move.  The swelling will appear every...

by User avatar Guest

enlarged lymph nodes in abdomen

Answered by a doctor

My son was diagnosed with enlarged lymphnodes in his abdomen. The doctor explained that it may go away on his own or that it may need more medical attention by a specialist. He said the enlarged lymph nodes could be caused by an viral infection or it could turn out to become a type of cancer. What...

by User avatar Tanja

painful bump in armpit

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I’m 37 and have experienced a painful inflamed area in my armpit. This lasts for years and it happens right around my period. I even had a mammogram 6 months ago which came out negative – I was told not to worry... But, recently it is swollen much more and very painful… What worries me...

by User avatar Guest

Lump in throat after quitting smoking

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Lump in throat after quit smoking thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

swollen lymph nodes and swollen right tonsil when I drink alcohol. they also become painful

I am 27 years old female I have suffers with my glands for the past 3 years there's some sort of swelling on my right tonsil when I drink alcohol it swells and becomes painfull I also have 2 more swolen glands further down in the same side I've had many antibiotics seen 2 ent speicalists who said it...

by User avatar wuzza