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no fetal heartbeat, mistake?

Answered by a doctor

I have had two internal ultrasounds (at 5 and 7 weeks) and everything looked fine. I have three beautiful boys already and have never had any problems with pregnancies. I went in for my 11 week check up and my doctor tried to hear the heartbeat using the Doppler. He said that it was so faint and...

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Pain after a D&C for missed miscarriage

Answered by a doctor

Hi I had a D&C three days ago as I suffered a missed miscarriage. I was 11 weeks pregnant and the fetus had not grown after 6 weeks. Following the D&C my blood pressure was down for a while as I had lost some blood during the procedure, but i did not need a blood transfusion. I was advised...

by User avatar jsharpe20079

Miscarriage or not? I had a positive pregnancy test but now started my period with blood clots

Please help me , i have had tender breast, vomiting and had a positive pregnancy test. but now have started my periods with blood clots and don't have any miscarriage pain.

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miscarriage and hcg levels go back up can I still be pregnan

Answered by a doctor

I had a miscarriage right after thanksgiving. My hcg levels were measured and went from 1500 to 1330 to 7. The doctor wanted me to take another test in 3 weeks to be sure the levels are below 5. I just did the test on Jan. 16th and the levels are back to 1400. Could I have been pregnant with...

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9 Days of Heavy Bleeding After One Month of Spotting??

I lost my baby at 14 weeks on November 27, 2018. It was totally unexpected. I was doing great, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest, etc. I started cramping on the 26th but didn't go to the doctor till the evening of the 27th. By that time I was pretty much positive I was losing my baby. I...

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whats normal bleeding after miscarriage?

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering whether it was normal to be bleeding continuously for a month after miscarriage. I had a miscarriage starting on Oct 14 and now its Nov 14 and I am still bleeding. though it became a lot lighter over the last few weeks, about 4 days ago it started to feel like a period, with lots...

by User avatar lexi

Pregnancy failed without spleen

Sir my wife has no spleen .liitle while ago she got pregnant . in nine weeks a baby in stomach has died . no cardiac activities shown on ultrasound .plz tell me what I have to do . two times my wife failed in pregnancy.

by User avatar dreamlike beauty

Normal after miscarriage for abdominal/pelvicish pain?

Answered by a doctor

Is it normal after a miscarriage to have pains somewhat in the middle point between your hip bone and belly button? As well as keep a little hardish tummy that is somewhat painful? ? I was about 3-4 months pregnant I do beleive when I miscarried

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my iud

Answered by a doctor

I have had my iud for 4 yrs and I not bleeding but today I just started back bleeding is it normal cause I a have not had one in 4yrs

by User avatar kim

Can prenatal multivitamins make you slight bleed a week before your period??

Hi, am 36 and it's been month that my boyfriend and I are trying to get a baby. I've been taking prenatal vitamins for almost 3 months too. We seriously have intercourse last month during my fertile days. My periods are usually 27 to 28 days. I was expecting my period on November 10 and...

by User avatar gisike170019