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:-( hey there, can anyone offer me any advice at all please, Im so worried i feel like im going crazy!! I did 2 tests on monday that came up positive which i was very pleased about! 1 was a digital test showing i am 2-3 weeks pregnant, later monday evening I noticed i had some bleeding. I re tested tuesday and today after seeking medical advice the results are still positive but I am still bleeding ( a small amount) and have felt cramp like pains......I am now booked in to the early pregnancy unit on sunday for further tests. i have had a miscarraige 9 years ago in week8 and the result from preg test was negative the same day i started to bleed. i went on to have a normal prgnancy with my daughter who is now 8 years old so i am very confused!!!????????


well i hope everything goes well for you, and although I know its impossible try not to worry too much because your living in limbo land now and not knowing is the worst. I miscarried 3weeks ago, but you say you have light bleeding. my bleeding was quiet heavy on some days.
the tests did stay positive until a week later when the bleeding had nearly stopped.
the bleeding you describe sounds light and not at all as heavy as mine, also i passed some clots too and the cramping was very painful!

Try to think the best as a close friend of mine bled from week 6-14 of her pregnancy and now has a healthy baby boy. i know i havent helped, but just want you to know i'm thinking of you and hope everything will go well for you. I remember well the feeling of simply not knowin, so try not to stress as this will do you no favours. do a test on saturday, then that will help you to know what to expect. all the best, good luck.
it really doesnt sound like a misscarriage though. xx